Making Payments

Monthly Standing Order

This is available with all our fee plans but works particularly well with the fixed fee plan, as it spreads an agreed amount over the course of the year.

Relaxation Payment

This is available with the fixed fee plan, and is suitable mainly for personal tax clients. You pay an annual subscription at the start of the tax year and we take care of your routine tax affairs for the rest of the year. That’s it! ? no more fees to pay for the rest of the year unless you need us to do anything out of the ordinary (and even then, we won’t charge you for it if it can be done quickly).

Pay on Invoice

The traditional route. We charge you as and when we complete a particular piece of work (such as a tax return or accounts, for example), or alternatively at pre-agreed intervals, and you settle up with us within 7 days. If you want to spread your payments over several months, we also offer a payment plan through Premium Credit.

Whichever payment plan you choose, we keep your statement of account with us up to date daily, so a statement is available to you at any time. If a payment is due to us, we will send you a statement automatically.

Could it be any easier?
If you think so, please let us know ? we’re always open to new ideas!