Chartered Certified Accountant in London

As a client we promise to take care of you and you’re business. We have built a reputation for quick, honest and a discreet service.

All our clients benefit from the following:

  • We will prepare your accounts promptly, in accordance with an agreed timetable, provided you have supplied us with all of the information we require in the agreed timeframe.
  • We will work with you to understand your business and help you achieve your business goals.
  • We will respond to your emails and your telephone calls promptly and we will never keep you waiting unnecessarily.
  • We offer a choice of fee arrangements and payment plans, according to what is most suitable for you.
  • You will have access to an excellent team and a diverse range of services.
  • We put client care before everything else, and we recognise that every business is unique in that every client has individual requirements.
  • We are proactive in introducing our clients and contacts to each other where an introduction might be beneficial to you.

Want to become a client?

We are often asked how a business or an individual becomes a client and what they need to think about before they appoint Aydan Smith to act for them or their business.

Making first contact
As you are already browsing our website, the easiest way is to Contact Us and provide a few basic details so that we can get in touch with you. We will then call you to establish some key facts about the issues you are facing and to arrange an initial meeting. Or contact us by telephoning 020 3240 0011, where a member of staff will be pleased to talk to you.

Who will look after my affairs?
Every client is dealt with the partner and other members of staff may contact you from time to time to gather necessary information or answer your queries.
How do you charge for your services?
At the outset, we will explain how we charge for our services, and we will, wherever it is possible, pre-quote a fixed fee, or provide you with an estimate of the anticipated costs.
I already have an accountant – does this make a difference?
Yes it does. If you wish to change accountants then it is a simple process, but we do have to follow some professional courtesies which involves us writing to your previous accountant to confirm that there are no professional reasons why we should not act for you. This is generally a formality and your outgoing accountant will usually provide us with any relevant information about your affairs to make the changeover as smooth and as straightforward a process as possible for you.

Do I need any references to become a client?
It is possible that we may ask you to provide references. If you are already in business, we will ask you to let us have a copy of your most recent accounts. Additionally, under current legislation, we are obliged to obtain proof of your identity – this process will be fully explained to you at the initial meeting.

If you would like to become a client or want to know more about exactly what Aydan Smith can do for you, contact us.